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eduroam Companion App –
eduroam Companion App
Get connected, wherever you are
eduroam Companion App
Get connected, wherever you are

Jisc, the UK’s national research and education networking charity, has just released a completely rewritten version of the eduroam companion app for Android and iOS,

This new version offers the same functionality as its predecessor, documenting the global eduroam estate and helping end users discover more about and navigate to venues that offer eduroam connectivity. However, it is now much more efficient and future proof.

Jisc are able to offer this refresh to the eduroam apps and keep them free to use by reusing the work that’s gone into the companion app for the UK govroam service, which has just passed 3,000 locations  (many of which also now carry eduroam alongside).

We’d love to hear what you think of the new app, so please review it, or send any comments to mark.o’ 

Find out more about eduroam at Jisc

The Android version is here:      


You can find the iOS version here:





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