eduroam Documentation
Get connected, wherever you are

eduroam Documentation
Get connected, wherever you are

Compliance Statement
eduroam Compliance Statement eduroam_Compliance_Statement_v2 This document outlines the minimum technical and organisational standards for roaming operators (RO) and roaming confederations (RC) in order to provide the global eduroam service. Implementing the minimum standard requires the coordination of roaming operators (RO) and roaming confederations (RC).

GÉANT Confederation Policy Documentation
These documents describe the service and operation of the European eduroam Confederation produced in the framework of the GÉANT project.

  • European Confederation eduroam policy GN3-12-194_eduroam-policy-for-signing_ver2-4_1_18052012 July 2012
    The European eduroam Confederation provides the legal framework for the organisation of the European eduroam service. The use of eduroam is restricted to the community served by NRENs according to their national policies.
  • eduroam Service Definition GN3-12-192_eduroam-policy-service-definition_ver28_26072012 July 2012
    This document describes the eduroam service. It contains a general overview of the service (including its aims, its elements and security), a description of the services elements, users, operation, and organisation as well as a description of the operational requirements for Confederation members. This document should be read in conjunction with the policy document signed by all eduroam Confederation members.

The previous edition of this documents created as part of the GN2 project are also available:

Other related Documentation
The list below contains links to other documents related to eduroam.

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