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eduroam Support

When roaming, the wi-fi access is provided by the local participating organisation and so if there are any problems with wi-fi access the first contact point should be the local IT Support team.

Because of the secure authentication system used by eduroam, your password is never shared with the local wi-fi service and so any username and/or password problems should be adressed to your "home" base's IT support teams. The local team cannot access or manage your username or password.

For more information visit the eduroam support FAQ

eduroam Monitoring Service

The eduroam monitoring service has been created to ensure the functionality of the European confederation’s eduroam service, in a manner as close to the real user experience as possible. However, the monitoring service is not designed to test each and every element in the eduroam infrastructure. It monitors only the confederation infrastructure (i.e. European top level RADIUS servers and federation level RADIUS servers). If a user reports a problem that is not related to the functionality of the confederation infrastructure, the monitoring service relies on services provided by the national Roaming Operators (ROs).

The Monitoring System in More Depth

eduroam administrators and eduroam Operational Team members who want to view the service's status or data in more detail can find more information on

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