GÉANT Launches WiFiMon – Crowdsourced WiFi performance monitoring for R&E

Hand pointing to wi-fi button over world map and modern city tower, Technology and internet concept, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

WiFi access (and in particular eduroam access) is now accepted as an essential part of the wider campus experience.  Not being able to connect to network resources can damage user experiences and can result in users having to use mobile 4G data connections rather than WiFi.

WiFiMon is a WiFi network monitoring and performance verification system. It is capable of detecting performance issues, visualising achievable throughput and latencies on a WiFi network, and providing technical information about the network (e.g., signal strength, link quality, bit rate, etc.).

It is a unique combination of crowdsourced measurements (from user mobile devices) and WiFi network metrics gathered from small form factor hardware probes within the WiFi network. Such an approach provides a comprehensive view into WiFi network operations, both in terms of the user quality of experience and objective measures of WiFi network quality. More information about the WiFiMon can be found at: https://www.geant.org/wifimon

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