News: BCNET Partners with School District 91 to bring eduroam – Equitable Wi-Fi Access for Higher ed Students in Northern BC

Fraser River British Columbia

BCNET enables eduroam pilot at School District 91 in North-central British Columbia

BCNET and School District 91 Nechako Lakes, a remote, rural school district covering over 70,000 square kilometres in North-central British Columbia are pleased to announce the availability of eduroam (education roaming) a secure, global Wi-Fi service at each of its 18 school sites and 5 administrative buildings. The eduroam service offers a seamless and secure Wi-Fi roaming experience for research and education. BCNET partnered with School District 91 to offer eduroam throughout various sites in the community and support them in becoming the first eduroam-enabled British Columbia school district.


The rollout of eduroam ensures that post-secondary students, researchers, and faculty who work alongside School District 91 educators and students have seamless and secure access to critical resources online while visiting many School District 91 locations or any other eduroam participating institutions in the area.

As a remote, rural school district, equitable access to the internet and high-quality connectivity is an ongoing challenge,” says Manu Madhok, superintendent of School District 91. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an accelerated demand for online learning, and we need to offer equitable access for higher education students in North-central British Columbia.”

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