eduroam is Standing Tall to support care leavers

One of eduroam’s primary purposes is to help students access educational resources whenever and wherever they need it. In particular, many NRENs are working hard to provide access to eduroam in libraries and other public places so that students who do not have internet access at home are still able to get online.

This is why eduroam is proud to support the Break charity which works to provider care-leavers, often the most vulnerable young adults, to have the best possible work and education opportunities and so we are thrilled to be able to sponsor a giraffe in the “Standing Tall” sculpture trail around Cambridge

The eduroam giraffe was created by Lisa Todd who lived in South Africa and collaborates with local crafters and is inspired by the Ubuntu theme which represents the power of community.

This design was chosen because eduroam relies on the community of universities around the world coming together to support each other and make eduroam such a global success.

The eduroam giraffe is part of a trail of 31 large giraffes and 60 mini giraffes across Cambridge and the details of the trail can be found here

You can also download a mobile app to register your finds and find out more about the charity and the sponsors.

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