Jetting away this vacation? eduroam is now in even more airports

The only bad thing about holidays is the waiting in the departure lounge but now even more airports are offering free eduroam WiFi access to help you pass the time before jetting off. We know at least 36 international airports providing eduroam but if you find any more on your travels please get in touch via twitter @eduroam


Gold Coast
Townsville Queensland






Shannon Airport


Alta airport, Bardufoss
Bergen airport, Flesland
Bodo airport, Bodo
Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes
Kristiansand airport, Kjevik
Kristiansund airport, Kvernberget
Mo i Rana airport, Rossvoll
Molde airport, Aaroo
Narvik airport, Framnes
Oslo airport, Gardermoen
Sandane airport, Anda
Sogndal airport, Haukaasen
Stavanger airport, Sola
Svalbard airport, Longyear
Tromso airport, Langnes
Trondheim airport, Vaernes
Orsta/Volda airport, Hovden
Aalesund airport, Vigra


Åre Östersund Airport, Frösön
Ronneby Airport, Ronneby
Linköping City Airport, Linköping
Visby Airport, Visby
Karlstad Airport, Karlstad
Luleå Airport, Luleå
Malmö Airport, Malmö-Sturup
Kiruna Airport, Kiruna
Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport, Timrå
Umeå City Airport, Umeå
Landvetter Airport, Landvetter
Midlanda (Sundsvall/Timrå Airport), Timrå

United States of America

Gainesville Regional Airport, University of Florida


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